Grays Medic Policies… amended June 2016

C1.. Grays Medic and Client agreement.

Grays Medic will at all times protect the integrity and professionalism of its courses and trainers. A client should not have or assume an expectation that all course attendees should succeed and achieve a said award. Grays Medic will inform our clients’ beforehand of our terms and conditions relating to attending students. Should any student have shortcomings that affect their ability to pass any of our courses. Grays Medic will and always take the correct route of notifying the student and client, and explaining exactly why they have not passed the attending course. This will always be actioned in the most caring and professional manner. Should this affect the relationship between the client and Grays Medic, we shall accept that our business integrity must take prominence.

C2..Grays Medic policy of private courses.

Grays Medic shall liaise with all clients to ensure that attendees are placed by the clients’ company, with relation to advance registration and position within said company. We do not allow a trainer/assessor to manage a course where a family member is attending. Grays Medic shall continue with a closed course policy to preserve the integrity of each course. No one working for Grays Medic may be involved as a student/learner on any Grays Medic courses. All attendees must complete their own course papers and assessments without outside influence or course trainer assistance. These papers must be signed by the individual candidate.

C3.. Policy on full attendance and assessment.

Grays Medic will ensure that all learners attend all courses in full. In reflection of all accredited companies we allow a maximum of 15 min (loss time) where a learner may be late for any course. This is total time regardless of length of days involved in any course. Learners cannot be allowed to interrupt other attendees, so later than this time will mean loss of placement with no right of refund.

C4.. Policy on training Information. Reliability and Fact.

Grays Medic take all measures to ensure that information passed during training sessions is up to date and factual, following all regulations and advice from agencies such as European Resuscitation Council (ERC), British Red Cross, National Health Service (NHS), Health & Safety Executive (HSE), Care Quality Commission (CQC), Food Standards Agency (FSA), Office for Standards in Education Children’s Services and Skills (Ofsted). This list is not exhaustive and we reserve the right to add/follow information that is relevant and correct in relation to all ranging courses. All trainers involved in executing our courses must read and agree to our policies, and adhere to them at all times.

C5.. Failure and Appeals policy.

In the rare event that an attendee fails the course through inability to complete learning modules, every attempt will be made to allow 2nd and 3rd chance to ensure that the decision to fail is correct and unavoidable. The learner has the right to appeal the trainers’ decision and may state their point to the centre manager within 7 days of assessment outcome. All appeals will be handled fairly with courtesy and confidentiality. If the appeal is upheld by the centre investigator, then appropriate action will be taken to update our training methods, and where applicable additional staff training will be introduced. In the event of a dispute between the trainer and learner, mediation may be offered.  All appeals will be finalised within 10-14 days of initial complaint. If still not satisfied the learner can dispute the decision to the centre’s Internal Verifier (IV), where an independent conclusion can be made. Learner must have reasonable grounds to escalate to the centre IV. The learner will be informed of the outcome of the appeal and all reasoning to support the final decision. If the learner is still not satisfied with the decision, they may take their case to the Centres awarding bodies (if applicable). Grays Medic will learn from and make appropriate changes following any complaint. All appeals will be stored securely for inspection by appropriate authorities only.

C6.. Policy on Misconduct and Disciplinary Offences.

Any breach of health and safety/fire or other regulations of the Centre.
Theft of property or any other dishonest acts.
Deliberate or by gross negligence that may result in causing damage to any Centre
buildings, equipment, furnishings or the property of other attendees, staff or visitors.
Any misuse of substances e.g. solvents, alcohol, non-medical use of prescribed drugs or
illegal drugs. This applies to substance misuse within, or having an effect within, the grounds and premises of the Centre.
Any unauthorised interference with hardware, software or data belonging to or used by the Centre, trainer, visitors or other learners.
Smoking within Centre, except in authorised places.
Cheating, or copying the work of other learners.
Disruptive behaviour, including the use of foul and abusive language.
Bullying, intimidation, taunting, verbal abuse or the use of violence or threat of violence towards any person.
Behaviour deemed to be racially, sexually or which is offensive to those with learning and/or physical disabilities.
Any behaviour which could bring the Centre into disrepute.
To protect the learning environment, the Centre takes seriously any breaches of this Policy and will follow the Centre’s Learner Disciplinary Process should this happen.
This is not an exhaustive list and each incident will be reviewed individually.
In all cases of misconduct. Steps may be taken to disqualify the learner. A report will be sent to our Internal Verifier (IV). The learner will also be given the opportunity to appeal against the trainer’s /centre’s decision. In the event of misconduct the learner must prove their point(s) within 7 days of notification of assessment results. In all circumstances a letter will be issued to the learner notifying them of the IVs’ final decision.

C7.. Learners right to Appeal an Assessment decision.

All learners have the right to challenge an assessment decision if they consider the assessment has not been carried out properly.

An issue may be that they disagree with:

Conduct of the assessment.

Adequacy of the range, nature and comprehensiveness of the subject evidence in relation to factual agencies and organisations.

Assessment process and opportunities offered to prove competence of attainment.

The handling of an appeal.

C8.. Review and Update

All Grays Medic policies are reviewed and updated annually, or when regulatory changes are made to practices and procedures. It is our absolute goal to provide the best training service to you or your employees by means of precise and up to date information. Therefore changes in legislation, practices and official recommendations may be updated at any time.

C9.. Equality and Diversity

Grays Medic is an equal opportunity company with training staff of all genders, religions and age (over 18), ethnic origin, sexual orientation, marital status, disability (everyone has the right to learn), or social background, wealthy or not. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, bullying, harassment, including online towards any trainer or attendee.  The Equality Act 2010 underlines the core structure of this company. All staff, trainers and learners are expected to respect each other during all course activities.

We will act immediately upon any complaints of sexual or racial discrimination towards a trainer / staff member, client or student / attendee. We will not tolerate racial taunts or remarks including name calling, exclusion, humour, innuendo, aggression, violence, intimidation, threatening behaviour or masked threats to intimidate. We will maintain a pleasant atmosphere during courses and exclude all negative behaviour at the earliest point. All trainers are required to report any misconduct or course disruptions immediately to the client manager or agent, in order to end the problem without further interruptions to the course.

C10.. Safeguarding Children

The Children Act 1989 provides the legal framework for children under 18 years who are considered vulnerable, and aims to protect and keep safe in all circumstances. It is Grays Medic intention to follow Safeguarding Children routes by only allowing certain trainers that have been vetted by DBS on an annual basis to carry out ANY kind of courses, whether direct or indirectly (on premises where children and cared for or educated). Whilst on such premises, all trainers must fully adhere to the workplace / clients policies on their specific child protection procedures. All trainers must follow a member of said workplace and not wander premises alone at any time.

C11.  Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

A vulnerable adult who may not have the ability to care or protect themselves from harm or abuse, and may not be vocal or want to be vocal about any kind of unfair language or behaviour experienced in their lives. It may be that the abuse is unknown to others as in verbal, but can be hurtful and damaging to the adult who feels vulnerable. All trainers should be wary of such comments, behaviour and reactions, in order to immediately stop and prevent this kind of abuse. All trainers are required to report such incidents to the client manager or agent without delay.

C12.  Exam Invigilation Process

All exams must take place in a spacious room with adequate ventilation and lighting. The temperature must be pleasant for comfort, not cold or hot. Students must sit a minimum of 1.5 meters from each other and must arrive on time for the exam to commence. Late arrival will result in student being excluded from the exam and therefore a fail will be registered. Students will be talked through the examination process by the invigilator. During the exam there must remain a quiet atmosphere and students must not talk or copy other students’ writings.

Invigilators must not talk or interrupt the students, but should observe all candidates during the exam. Any malpractice will result in a fail.

All exam forms should be fully filled to the standard required by the awarding body. All forms should be collected and checked before the student leaves the room. The invigilator should not stop the exam unless there is an emergency such as a fire alarm or other incident where the building needs to be evacuated. Power failures or other actions that may interfere with the exam process must be reported to the centre or awarding body.

C13.  Health & Safety

It is the duty of all trainers to follow the health & safety regulations and policies of the business / building they have entered to work in. They must fully cooperate at all times with the business owner / manager and not deviate from their instructions. All trainers and staff must report immediately any safety issues, faults, breakages and incidents, whether moderate or serious. All trainers must report any medical conditions they have, even if temporary, including any action that may be required in an emergency medical situation. All electrical equipment used by trainers must be safety checked before use on clients’ premises.

Grays Medic has a strict no smoking policy and all trainers employed have declared they do not smoke.   We ask that students who smoke finish their activity at least 15 minutes before entering the training room. Trainers must conduct risk assessments during their time on site to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all attendees. Any issues must be promptly stopped and reported. Trainers must ensure the physical and mental ability of all students prior to course commencing.

C14. Malpractice & Maladministration

We will act on all reports of Malpractice and Maladministration from trainers or students which may affect the outcome and integrity of our courses, whether suspected or actuated by one or more individuals. In such events we will review the processes that led to, and make all changes necessary to prevent further these occurrences from being repeated. We will also report all non adherence to this policy to the relevant authority. All trainers must report any and all suspected and actual cases of Malpractice and Maladministration immediately to the Grays Medic Manager or Administrations Manager and follow given advice. Full written reports must then be processes with evidence noted for further action by the regulating authority. Full details of dates, identity and identities of third parties as well as the alleged/suspected offences and occurrence(s). Any malpractice by a student may lead to disqualification and in some cases certificates must be returned.

All clients and staff working with or for Grays Medic will have full access to these policies and agree to all as part of our terms and conditions. These policies are reviewed annually, but may be changed and updated at any time due to legislation or other reasons.

C.15  Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations.

Where an attendee has a physical disability, medical condition which may be of a temporary nature, as they have demonstrated at an earlier time their capability to achieve a desired practice within an official course. Grays Medic will note that all procedures were carried out in a correct and timely manner during the initial part or days of the course. This information will go forward as a positive towards the final assessment. Any learning difficulties that do not interfere with correct procedure will also go forward in a positive way to the final assessment.