Employment Opportunities

We are an established and reliable training company with reputable quality trainers. If you wish to join our training team and have the relevant experience and qualifications as listed below, then simply e.mail us with your C.V and qualification documents.

We require that: 

  • You must be fully qualified in the subject area you wish to train:
    • First aid
    • Health and safety
    • Health and social care
    • Fire Safety
    • Food Safety
  • You must have a formal teaching qualification .
  • You must also have relevant practical experience either past or present in your chosen subjects.
  • You should have chronological evidence of your teaching/assessing during the past 5 years.

If you are trained and registered, we want to know you. If you feel you have a lot to offer our clients, then we have a lot to offer you in reward for your time and expertise. Register now towards this extremely fulfilling career.  Contact us.

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