Health & Safety

It is necessary for you to take the correct precautions to reduce the risk of workplace accidents, and provide a safe working environment. With our Health & Safety courses accredited to the Ofqual standard, delivered to you anywhere in the UK and on any date you can require, your company will stay compliant with HSE regulations.

There can be significant costs of non compliance including injury or death of an employee. Severe fines that can cripple or ruin a company, not to mention the damage in reputation terms. In worst cases imprisonment is now a reality. It is essential to keep up with ever increasing health and safety legislation.

If your organisation has 5 or more employees, you are required by law to have:

  • Health and Safety training for employees.
  • A written Health and Safety policy.
  • Details of company risk assessments.
  • A Health & Safety manual/folder which documents the review of H&S organisation arrangements in your workplace, including planning and monitoring.
  • Availability of Health and Safety advice for all employees.