Risk Assessment

Level 3  Award in Risk Assessment                                                                             2 Day

Female Workers In FactoryThis two day Risk Assessment course with distance learning elements is designed to provide thorough knowledge and understanding of the risks and consequences of accidents, injuries and ill health at work. It also develops your skills to undertake the necessary steps to ensure good safety management. Reducing the effects to the workplace, creating a safe and productive environment. Properly implemented risk assessments prevent loss of life, protecting workers and businesses.

It is recommended that learners have previously achieved a Level 2 Award in Health and Safety or a Level 2 Award in Risk Assessment.

You or your delegates can obtain a nationally recognised awarded qualification to the Ofqual standard which compliments your vocational skills.

 What will you learn on this course?
  • How to conduct a risk assessment in a workplace according to the particular environment and activities.
  • Design and organise a risk assessment program and implement it.
  • Ensure all legal requirements are met by improving Health and Safety standards. The principles involved in risk assessment.
  • Competencies of a risk assessor.
  • Stages involved in a typical risk assessment.
  • Requirements for recording, monitoring, reviewing and revising workplace risk assessments.
 Who should attend this course?
  • Anyone with a responsibility to conduct risk assessments. This could be site managers, spervisors, duty managers, contollers, engineers, health and safety officers, or other personnel wanting to learn the risk assessment processes.
  • Learners wishing to progress to a qualification in Health and Safety and risk management
What are the purposes of this course?
  •  To develop knowledge and understanding of risks assessments.
  • Meeting relevant programmes of learning, supporting a role in the workplace and giving learners personal growth and engagement in learning.
How long does this course last?    
  • This course is delivered as a 2 day training workshop with trainer incorporating distance learning and assignments. Total learning programme (20 hours). All learning outcomes must be met to achieve a Pass.
What type of assessment does this course use?

Assessment          30 multiple choice questionnaire.               3 year certificate.

Delegates will be required to carry out a risk assessment and prepare an outline report on specific workplace activities to which the risk assessment applies. They will also have to complete a self evaluation of their risk assessment process. There needs to be a written report and study evidence.

Where can you take the course?
  • In-house training: This course is delivered anywhere in England and Wales at your premises.
  • Contact us for your In-house training
  • Private Course:  We can organise and deliver your course at the location that suits you.
  • Contact us for your Private Course