Occupational Health and Safety

Level 2 Award in Occupational Health and Safety (QCF)         

Portrait Of Staff Standing In Engineering FactoryThis online course (65-100 hours) Occupational Health and Safety course is designed to develop knowledge and understanding of issues that affect health and safety at work, and gives the elements to accomplish the legal responsibility of employers and employees to look after and consider health and safety at work.

The qualification covers the integral aspects of health and safety including fire safety principles, display screen equipment (DSE), control of hazardous substances (COSHH) and safe manual handling in line with the Health and Safety Legislation UK.

You or your delegates will obtain a nationally recognised awarded qualification to the Ofqual standard which compliments your vocational skills.

What will you learn on this course?

Unit 1. Health & Safety in the workplace

  • Roles and responsibilities for health, safety and welfare in the workplace.
  • Importance of Risk assessments.
  • Identify and control the risks from common workplace hazards.
  • Procedures for responding to accidents and incidents in the workplace.

Unit 2. Fire Safety Principles

  • Understand the hazards and risks associated with fire in the workplace.
  • Understand how fire risk is controlled in the workplace.
  • Understand the principles and practice of fire safety management at work.
  • Unit 3. Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Risk Assessment
  • Understand the importance of DSE risk assessments.
  • Understand the principles of controlling the risks from DSE work stations.
  • Understand how a DSE risk assessment is undertaken.

Unit 4. COSHH Risk Assessment

  • Understand the importance of COSHH risk assessments.
  • Know the main types of hazardous substances and how they may cause harm.
  • Understand the principles of controlling the risks from hazardous substances.
  • Understand how a COSHH risk assessment is undertaken.

Unit 5. Manual handling safety at work

  • Understand the reasons for safe manual handling.
  • Understand how manual handling risk assessments contribute to improving health and safety. Understand the principles, types of equipment and testing requirements associated with safe manual handling.
  • Be able to apply safe manual handling principles.
Who should take this course?
  • People interesting to develop knowledge and understanding in the following areas: Health & Safety in the workplace, Fire Safety Principles, DSE and COSHH risk assessment and Manual handling.
  • People  starting or returning to employment.
  • People who are already in employment and wish to study the program as part of their own continuous professional development.
What are the purposes of this course?
  • Develop learners’ knowledge and skills in areas of health and safety including fire safety, display screen equipment, control of hazardous substances and manual handling. Ability to manage and protect the workplace.
  • Meeting relevant programmes of learning, supporting a role in the workplace and giving learners personal growth and engagement in learning.
How long does this course last?    

This course is delivered as a distance learning programme (65-100 hours).

Learners need to be sufficient in reading and writing.

Computer skills are essential for continuous study periods.

Full commitment to study is needed. We allow up to 1 year to complete.

What type of assessment does the course use?

The course provides theory and practical scenarios. Our assessment methods for this course includes:

  •  Case study
  •  Written assignment
  •  Question and Answer sessions

All learning outcomes must be met to achieve a Pass.

 Where you can take the course?

e-learning:  This course is delivered online.  Book your course  e-learning